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Fluorescent Brightener KSN
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Fluorescent Brightener KSN

Product Description

Product introduction:

KSN is a high concentration of added way, application in plastic and polyester fiber optical brightener.

* high brightness of optical brightener

* whitening effect is normal to blue light products and make the color more bright purple

* a significant resistance transference in LDPE



Outside the yellow powder

Chemical properties Benzo thiazole derivatives

Ion features Non-ionic substances

The melting point of 250-300 ℃

Storage stability In the case of moisture and sunlight is not stable

But dilution degrees Does not dissolve in water

Solubility (25 ℃)

Propyl ketone 80 mg/l

Dimethyl amide 800 mg/l

Perc 250 mg/l

Methyl benzene 500 mg/l

Methanol (9:1) 970 mg/l

Thermal stability is suitable for plastic and synthetic polymer processing


To use:

KSN is very suitable for processing of synthetic high polymer in the process of whitening, such as used in the film, injection molding, compression molding, chemical fiber, bristles and colored wax dyeing of wool. The using methods similar to pigment, plastic additives or chemical additives.


Method of use:

In color plastic additives for 20-300 parts per million.

Transparent plastic is usually lower than the end of 5-20 PPM is enough.

Thermoplastic PVC maximum dosage is 100 PPM, hard PVC is 500 PPM.

Polyester fiber average usage for 100-250 PPM.

The product can or polycondensation reaction during the ester exchange reaction and mixed compound with time to add, it also can be in the form of brighten up the processing of the masterbatch added to plastics and fiber, so to lighten up the amount of the masterbatch in 0.5 to 20%.


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Phone: 13306416571

Email: 2790904198@qq.com

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