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Without Fluorescent Whitening Agent
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Without Fluorescent Whitening Agent

Product Description

Applicable to chemical fiber without fluorescent whitening agent. Especially in the recycled material, reworked material imitation dahua chemiacl chemical fiber have a significant effect, high value-added products. Suggested usage: sinochem imitation dahua chemiacl 400-800 - g/T; Sinochem this white 800 g - 1.5 g/T; The concrete experiment to determine, please.

The product is different from the fluorescent whitening agent and titanium whitening principle of fluorescent whitening agent is by absorbing invisible ultraviolet uv light into visible light and show white; Titanium dioxide is through the size of dispersing cover; But whether with fluorescent whitening agent or titanium dioxide whitening, the impression of chemical fiber with dark background, is good regeneration recycling materials also change not bottom! The company produced without fluorescent whitening agent is very good solve the problem, this product is make full use of the high temperature of resin process into its molecular, molecular bonds of damaged during its processing reduction treatment so as to achieve the effect of white significantly. This product can be used with titanium dioxide, this product can be used with fluorescent whitening agent, white chemical fiber production. Due to the need of the technical secret, the company is unfavorable to open composition and molecular structure, strong whitening effect, chemical fibber luster whiten, no fluorescence, brightness is good, can significantly improve the added value of chemical fiber products.

Improve the quality of finished goods and class, good regeneration recycling flow of chemical fiber luster and new material approximation, is natural, the base of color is not dark. This product does not affect on the post processing of textiles

Packing and storage:

1, 25 kilogram cardboard barrels.

2, this product is non-combustible, smell excitant, sensitive to people with allergies or asthma.

Finished as soon as possible after 3, unsealed, prolonged exposure to the air oxidation failure.

4, sealing the shade.


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