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Industry News
CWS Gasification With Consumption Is Expected to Exceed 200 Million Tons Before 2020.
China's rich coal, inferior, less gas resources endowment determines the coal based energy status. In 2016 China's total energy consumption of 4.36 billion tce, coal consumption accounted for 62%. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, promote clean coal utilization technology is imminent. "Coal water slurry is a kind of energy of the structure of the clean energy utilization technology in our country." At last Saturday's status and development of clean coal combustion technology symposium, China coal industry group chairman jin-hua wang said, "as domestic coal-water slurry gasification technology of large-scale industrialization of independent intellectual property rights, the CWS industry in high speed development, the dosage of the CWS gasification with 2020 years ago is expected to exceed 200 million tons." "Efficient clean coal water slurry technology is coal clean utilization technology of a kind of effective way." MeiKeYuan fa-lin li, director of the national engineering research center for coal water slurry said, "after 2010, large-scale coal chemical industry and coal water slurry gasification technology rapid development, coal-water slurry from the fuel to the raw material properties change gradually, our country has become the largest country in the CWS leading technology, production consumption." At the same time, experts said, clean and efficient and reliable technical equipment, mature technology, coal water slurry in four aspects emphatically. The third generation of technology to solve chemical problems Coal of coal water slurry is from 65% to 65%, 30% 35% water and 1% of additives, after a certain processing technology made of base fluid fuel and coal gasification raw materials, the use of ways mainly have the combustion heat release, gasification and synthetic chemical raw materials. Including combustion, gasification technology, efficient clean coal water slurry technology includes coal water slurry preparation technologies. And the preparation technology of CWS has direct influence on the subsequent combustion or gasification.
Methanol Fuel Cell Series Project Through the Acceptance
Recently, by dalian institute of chemical physics, Chinese academy of sciences, alcohol fuel cell and compound electric energy research center researcher sun tribal chief experts "methanol fuel cell series" through acceptance of the project. The project started in December 2012, development of DMFC in December 2014-25 - R - 12, DMFC - 50 - U and DMFCS - 200 - U direct methanol fuel cell products through ZhengYang confirmed, 2016 2 menstrual identification of inspection, on December 14, 2017, through the appraisal review. Direct methanol fuel cell power system technology, testing technology, low temperature environment adaptability, reliability optimization design model, technology, etc. Through the technical appraisal. Project complete technology platform construction, formed the 25 w - 500 w direct methanol fuel cell development ability, meet the direct methanol fuel cell series product research and development and mass production requirements. The project of the direct methanol fuel cell is China's first set of products through the pattern evaluation series of fuel cell products, can be widely used in automotive, communications and other portable mobile power supply.
Global economic growth over the next six months
The OECD (organization of economic cooperation and development), released in September monthly composite leading indicator (Compositeleadingindicators, CLIs), according to the United States, Japan, the euro zone, Germany, and the future short-term growth in the OECD as a whole stable. Of CLIs, according to a Canadian short-term growth is on the rise, growth is slowing, Italy will face more severe weak growth trend. In the main emerging market economies, China, Russia and Brazil's short-term growth will continue to rebound, India will maintain strong growth. The OECD based on a series of leading the industry in the economic cycle index compiled monthly composite leading indicator, the characteristic of 6 ~ 9 months used to predict the future of economic turning point. CLIs display inflection point usually leading economic activities of the inflection point about six months. Coordinates of 100 horizontal said the trend of the economic activity; Solid triangle has been proved a turning point; Hollow triangle said temporary inflection point can be modified in the future. After the British withdrew the uncertainty on the impact of the indicators, CLIs index not released in August.
China's November industrial production dropped slightly Colored growth of 1.6%
According to the national bureau of statistics latest data, China's industrial output 6.1% year-on-year in November, compared with the previous value 6.2% back slightly, in line with expectations. China in November 1 - industrial output 6.6%, compared to the expected 6.6%, before the value is 6.7%.
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